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Google Drive

Search for anything uploaded to your Google Drive, including docs, sheets and slides

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Find any sent or received emails in your inbox

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Find messages and files in workspaces that you connect to

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Google Calendar

Find upcoming events and past calendar invites

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Notion coming soon

Search across your spaces and pages

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Confluence coming soon

Find documentation and pages that you wrote or have access to on Confluence Cloud

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GitHub coming soon

Look for a user, repository, issue or file on GitHub

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Jira coming soon

Find issues, epics, stories or any other tickets on Jira Cloud


An average person use tens of different digital tools from emails to cloud storage, task management and more. In this modern age, it's easier than ever to get lost.

Find that email, message, task or document, no matter where you put it on the web. Highbeam makes you more productive by combing through your tools to find exactly where something is without you manually opening each app individually.

Privacy first

With our privacy-preserving search architecture, no credentials, files or personal information from your accounts are sent to our servers. Everything happen locally on your device.

We make money through revenue from our app subscription, adding new integrations and improving your search experience.

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Get started with the free plan:

  • Connect up to 3 tools
  • Search across all connected tools
  • Privacy-preserving search


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Everything you need to be a pro:

  • Connect unlimited integrations
  • Search across all connected tools
  • Privacy preserving search